Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Energy Armor?
Energy Armor is a manufacturer of Negative Ion health &
wellness products. Our product line is designed to work with
your body’s natural energy field and an average person
can receive as much benefit from them as a top
performer might.

Why Energy Armor?
Energy Armor has a transparent manufacturing process that
is all natural. We utilize a proprietary combination of pure
minerals and highly resonant volcanic ash that are extracted
from the earth. We execute quality control on every product
and is of utmost importance to us so our products are
made to last using high grade durable materials. We pride
ourselves on high quality and truly offering the best products
possible for a fair price

Will Energy Armor Products Work
For Everyone?
While we have received thousands of testimonials and
positive responses from around the world about how
Energy Armor has assisted people, however Energy Armor
can not make any health claims. Please consult a medical
professional when necessary.

Will Wearing Energy Armor Make Me
Stronger, More Balanced and Gain
Energy Armor doesn’t directly make you stronger than you
already are. Yet, Negative Ions may enhance your health
in many areas. In today’s world, the human body does
not maximize our potential under current life conditions.
Scientific studies have shown that more exposure to
Negative Ions may support your health in many ways.

How Is It Made?
The products are designed in the US with a high quantity of
Negative Ions per piece.
What Does Energy Armor Products do?
Energy Armor products contain strong Negative Ion content,
made of rich natural minerals and volcanic ash that are
infused into the silicone. Negative Ions have been helping
mankind feel better since the beginning of time. This natural
technology is quietly helping thousands of people. As a
company, we want to take every step possible to ensure our
product may have benefit to those wearing it.
About Negative Ions
Scientists have studied Negative Ions and their effect on
human health for more than 100 years. Some scientific
studies around the world have suggested that exposure to
Negative Ions may support your overall health.
Ions carry a positive or negative electrical charge. Negative
Ions are created all of the time in nature. When a bolt of
lightning slices through the air or a wave crashes on the
shore, it creates Negative Ions. Volcanoes and waterfalls
create Negative Ions as well. As the water is falling, it loses
an electron, creating that fresh air smell filled with Negative
Ions. Negative Ions have been helping mankind feel better
since the beginning of time!
Energy Armor has taken these good ions, which are known
as “Negative Ions,” and has infused them into durable
silicone products. People around the world are enjoying
Energy Armor’s High Quality Negative Ion products

What Are Positive Ions and Where
Do They Come From?
”Of the many various forces of energy that affect our bodies
such as man made cell phone radiation, wi-fi, satellite
dishes, computers, microwaves, security systems, etc, our
bodies are being bombarded with energies that are less
than beneficial for our health at the very least, and highly
detrimental at the worst.”
Rashid A. Buttar, DO , FAAPM , FACAM , FAAIM
Medial Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine


What Are People Wearing Energy
Armor Products Saying?
The benefits of Energy Armor negative ion technology
are being shared around the world. Thousands of Energy
Armor enthusiasts, from pro athletes to average people,
report having experienced excellent balance, strength and
flexibility when wearing an Energy Armor product., Fitness
professionals, players, coaches and personal trainers have
told us they have experienced immediate benefits from
Energy Armor for themselves, their clients and teams. The
most common benefit reported has been that they have
simply experienced a much improved night’s sleep.
The best thing for you to do when asked this question is to
relay your OWN experience. A personal testimonial is very
powerful as well as those you have been told by family,
friends & yes even customers.

How Long Does It Last?
Energy Armor products use a high quality durable silicon
that is non porous and is designed to carry its Negative Ions

Can I become a re-seller for Energy
We have a wholesale buyers program and we have an
independent Kiosk vendor program. If you would like more
information regarding these opportunities please contact
Energy Armor at

When you put a band on you feel the
effects instantly, when you take
the band off how long does it take
to wear off?
There is no set time that it official takes for the Negative
Ions to lose their effect. With that said, the benefits work
differently with people.
The length of time varies from person to person as well as
their surroundings. If they are in an environment that has
a large amount of positive ions in it than it would certainly
affect them more quickly.
When wearing a band and it gives
off negative ions around/into the
body how does the band keep its
charge of negative ions?
The composition of the silicone is not porous; therefore the
Negative Ion powder that is infused during the molding
process is trapped within the silicone. Silicone is a nonporous
material and the negative ions that are infused within
it cannot escape.

When you carry out a
demonstration do you have to take
your own bands off? Does this
transmit across to them when you
touch them?
You do not have to take your wristband off. The effects of
the Negative Ions will not alter your demonstration with a
customer. While they may experience a very small benefit
from being in such close proximity to an EA band it will not
be enough to interact with or affect the results of your demo.